February, 2009

The city of Bombay is colorful and festive, and has many interesting elements of design and decorative ornaments everywhere! Here are some photos of some things I thought were interesting - but simply put together...    This picture is from a Thai restaurant, the glass front is made up of many jars of dyed spices, simple and extremely vibrant !          These images were taken from hallways of the hotel that were made up of glass cases filled with yarn, each case having... Read More >>
Fresh from Holland, Jane Packer, our flower providers, fly in just about any kind of flowers we ask for ! According to the event, we pick the perfect floral arrangements to go with the theme of the night or day ...  Also, smaller arrangements are put together for small gifts and giveaways...  For any floral arrangements or event needs get in contact ! We promise the freshest and brightest... Read More >>
Another item from ANTHROPOLOGIE - bamboo bird cage, decorative item that is a great accent to your home or garden.  ... soft bamboo tied together creating a "delicate avian sanctuary."   ... Read More >>
Here's to comfort flavors, always nostalgic, classic, and delicious..  Our peanut butter cookies, are made with peanut butter dough and a yummy peanut butter filling, paired best with a tall glass of milk - the perfect midnight snack , or just another guilty pleasure !  Another cookie (one of my fave's) is the ginger cookie with apple & cream filling,also  known as the Faisal cookie, this cookie is soft and slightly chewy on the inside complemented with the perfect apple cream... Read More >>
Our playlist at November, is constantly changing.. last week all we played was billy idol and Gugoosh, One of our favourite songs is Adios Ayer by jose padilla.. First Heard it in a restaurant in Beirut, about 5 years ago.. loved it then and more every time its played..  Second song is a song thats perfect for car rides to work.. and also while sketching or doing whatever we do here! upbeat and fun !  From Ben Harper & Vanessa da Mata- Title:  Boa Sorte -(Good Luck) and can be found... Read More >>
    This weekend was "eventful" from a formal diplomatic event on thursday.. modern.. clean... and full of candles, george5 style leaning flowers... to our glam event on friday night... A seated dinner for 400 persons, not an easy task for design or service.. but we made it happen! The decoration was very over the top. using gold, teal and shades of turquoise.. all accented with purple roses, hyacinth, freesia, baby roses as well as thick leafy greens. Menus were customized and placed... Read More >>
Dear November Clients (current and to be's) Not only do we design and decorate events, we also create and maufacture all the furniture, from white leather simple sofas, to ornate baroque chaises. We even have throw pillows to customize the furniture. Our Buffet tables and skirtings choices are endless as well as coffee tables, floor loungey pillows and even garden furniture.. New additions to our rental services are: A nespresso coffee machine, plates, glasses, silver ware and service trays.... Read More >>