February, 2009

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be visited by a friend with a camera, we will call him "H", he caught us while we were doing the final testing of two new desserts, the pistachio raspberry cake(pictured in previous post) as well as our new and improved black bottom cake... here are some of the pictures "H" took of the cakes, as well as some cookies and cupcakes.  enjoy. anyone have any ideas on what to call the black bottom cake?    ... Read More >>
the bakery is getting ready for summer time. light fluffy flavors and desserts... using seasonal products ...   this pistachio and raspberry cake is now available in limited quantities at the bakery. If not available please order in advance and can be provided in 24 hours notice... Read More >>
romantic - sweet - to die for... our red velvet is rich, moist, and just delicious ....  try our red velvet in cake truffles, cupcakes, or just a red velvet cake!  after admiring it's beauty from the outside ......  admire it's rich flavor on the... Read More >>
  Some good friends of ours are hosting a fashion event at Tilal, and today is the last day... sorry couldnt post about it earlier, but its been a busy week.. again :) the event was styled with November Furniture, but most of the hard work ws done by the 2 stylish souls hosting the event... check it out.. heres a little info on the brand and some pictures.. enjoy. The brand Huis Clos was created over 30 years ago,when Clo Orozco started producing pieces acclaimed by the public and critics at... Read More >>
This week we have set our minds on going GLAM! an upcomming event has us in overdrive mode, and nothing is too much.. hyacinths, spheres of giant gold cut out mashrabiyas, tiffany coloured pillows, modern glass tables with antique legs, french wall panels with modern wallpaper.. and thats only the start of it... It is lovely when we have clients that bring out the sass in us, sometimes.. we play it safe, using romantic colours, and classic shapes.. not this time..  we will be posting pictures... Read More >>
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