March, 2009

to all our customers- readers - and fellow bloggers... Read More >>
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  Fabulously Delicious - pistachio sponge with layers of fresh raspberry - and topped off with white chocolate icing ..... enough said... Read More >>
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This would be lovely right about now..... a goat cheese and Fresh Spinach quiche served on a buttery and  crispy pastry crust with  cherry tomatoes and calmatta olives and a thick balsamic glaze... Four seasons hotel, Istanbul... Big... Read More >>
For the past couple of months, i have been appreciating carnations more and more. there is so much to do with them, they are like... dough you can make anything u want out of them.! use them with sponge and you can create any shape that you want. Even pre recession the best event planners were using carnations to style events.. Here are some pictures of what we have done with them.. (ONLY 2 FOR NOW,,,MORE IN A FEW... Read More >>
They have been around since we started the bakery.. our classic and staple items, and most of all genuine family recipes.. we grew up on these.. Both have been gaining slow but steady popularity.. we think it is because they are the kind of desserts you feel less guilty for eating, "healtheir" options, and also because there has been a turn of appreciation to better quality and richer items.. They make a fabulous alternative to nutella covered whatevers and over the top frou frou... Read More >>