May, 2009

 They are huge snowboarding fans so the amazing team at SOTA Dzine constructed a blizzard in their studio for the shoot! They approached it like a glossy advertisement and the stunning couple was completely on board.... Read More >>
i really do love candles, everywhere. not intricate and detailed ones,, nice thick and white or off white, in different types of cylinders.. This is an old event, we placed candles ontop of velvet lined coloumns, and wound ivy around the base of the cylinders, simple yet effective. Here we hung candles in frosted bowls from giant metal and wood trees that we had around the event space. the picture is sideways, d will be back soon to help me with... Read More >>
the mix and match of the colours and old school prints somehow... Read More >>
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Brown has got some great new finds for summer, check out the cute items available for casual gatherings and special occasions at their store in Tala Complex, Samliya. (join the facebook group -Brown Booteek- for more info and updates on new... Read More >>
if this doesnt show up check it out on... Read More >>