June, 2009

Lovely cake made with fresh roses and orchids... Read More >>
Sorry about the lag of event pics guys..... Read More >>
The Aila, a dense chocolate cake made up of 5 heavenly layers that include cake, a crunchy chocolate mouse and a cream cheese brownie cake... all covered in a classic medium to dark chocolate... Read More >>
Goodmorning! testing... new lemon and citrus...
...
i just cant stop.. diet shmiet!!! oh by the way.. the oatmeal chocolate chip is now known as the Oatmeal Tala-(cuz shes chocolate) chip, and she is deelish. happy... Read More >>
It was a few months ago that i heard this song, i think it was on a show, or some euronews documentary channel background, liked the lyrics saved them and then tried to youtube it but ended up getting me the slow versions.. i wanted the digital scratchy one... anways.. a friend made me a cd, and the song happened to be the first one! The track is an electronic music cover of “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” by the Smiths and was recently voted by Wire Magazine as one of the best... Read More >>