June, 2012

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November wishes you all a fabulous work week!   We leave you with our yummy summery Amaya coconut... Read More >>
Preston Bailey is such an inspiration for us here at The November Company. He is well known for his exquisite work, and elite clientele. Not only has he done weddings, but many other events. His flower installations are top notch and he puts together breath taking settings.   His books are great eye candy, too! What is your favorite Preston Bailey event?   Picture source: his... Read More >>
  By Abdullah Naser...
Some new packaging ideas. Large rectangular box filled with bakery goods and flowers. Tissue paper, too .. of course!Abdullah Naser... Read More >>
November loves being unique. Here's something different for people who like things a little unusual, but utterly pretty.   A delightful bunch of flowers in delicate glass bottles presented on a pretty silver tray. Abdullah Naser... Read More >>
A few snapshots of our recent Instagram posts.. Follow us on instagram ..... Read More >>