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First of all... Congratulations... Things are probably in overdrive! stop and breathe.. Someone you love and admire.. and hopefully who is a good friend and someone that you can rely on.. has just asked you to marry him.. (or maybe in most of your cases.. you heard that he would like to marry you from an aunt sibling or his mother..) and you have answered 'yes!' The whirlwind of the wedding planning world has now opened- questions and excitement from family and friends as well as strangers... Read More >>
  Some good friends of ours are hosting a fashion event at Tilal, and today is the last day... sorry couldnt post about it earlier, but its been a busy week.. again :) the event was styled with November Furniture, but most of the hard work ws done by the 2 stylish souls hosting the event... check it out.. heres a little info on the brand and some pictures.. enjoy. The brand Huis Clos was created over 30 years ago,when Clo Orozco started producing pieces acclaimed by the public and critics at... Read More >>
This week we have set our minds on going GLAM! an upcomming event has us in overdrive mode, and nothing is too much.. hyacinths, spheres of giant gold cut out mashrabiyas, tiffany coloured pillows, modern glass tables with antique legs, french wall panels with modern wallpaper.. and thats only the start of it... It is lovely when we have clients that bring out the sass in us, sometimes.. we play it safe, using romantic colours, and classic shapes.. not this time..  we will be posting pictures... Read More >>
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We have many options here at November, wether it be flowers, desserts, or even comfy throws ... Our valentines trays are by far the most fabulous valentines gift. Pick a tray and fill it with yummy assortments of mini cakes, truffles, sugar cookies, cupcakes, and we even add a small arrangement of fresh flowers.  Pick your budget, and we ill customize the tray for you.. they really are perfect.  Pair your tray with beautiful orchids,a rose bouquet, or a vase of preserved flowers and... Read More >>
  We recently hosted a dinner event at our house, and i needed extra space for the food, my only choice was our garage, but it didnt shield us from the possibility of rain or dust. I don't take chances, so within a day, I had my whole team line our 20m by 3m garage with plastic, ropes, base material and then chiffon, and just to add to all of that complication.. I decided to hang a whole bunch of filli lamps.   It takes about 1 day prep and 1 day for set up, but this is a simple way of... Read More >>
  Dearest Brides to be... I search high and low for inspiration to create your special day.. and some times i check out bridal fashion shows, to see the environments created by the brilliant set designers in Europe, Japan and America.. this time.. i just couldnt focus on anything except for the fact that  the dresses are just too pretty... delicate and dainty.. simple with harldy any sparkles... bring back simplicity this summer... tone down the bling.. and get inspired by the designs... Read More >>