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okay heres the song that got us through Mothers day orders and organization of deliveries and wrapping from 5-8pm.. on repeat about 10-to a hundred times...... Read More >>
    Working hard, and trying to be creative isn't something easy at all... Inspiration is key.. and thats hard to come by when you are swamped with work. its quite impossible to think ofthe "new" and "unthought of".   Spending the weekend at the office is difficult to do, especially if the weather is as gorgeous as it is today... Good music, good coffee and good lighting.. a perfectly sharpened pencil to sketch with and smooth drawing paper .. this is what i needed... Read More >>
Our playlist at November, is constantly changing.. last week all we played was billy idol and Gugoosh, One of our favourite songs is Adios Ayer by jose padilla.. First Heard it in a restaurant in Beirut, about 5 years ago.. loved it then and more every time its played..  Second song is a song thats perfect for car rides to work.. and also while sketching or doing whatever we do here! upbeat and fun !  From Ben Harper & Vanessa da Mata- Title:  Boa Sorte -(Good Luck) and can be found... Read More >>