Dear November Clients (current and to be’s) Not only do we design and decorate events, we also create and maufacture all the furniture, from white leather simple sofas, to ornate baroque chaises. We even have throw pillows to customize the furniture. Our Buffet tables and skirtings choices are endless as well as coffee tables, floor loungey pillows and even garden furniture.. New additions to our rental services are: A nespresso coffee machine, plates, glasses, silver ware and service trays. countless collections of candle holders,vases, heaters and cold air mists. Next time you are having an event, think about dropping by to go through our catalogs and enhancing your space. Giving that little extra touch to your gathering or party. Coming soon: Umbrellas, bean bags and fountains! (We do not rent to other event planners or designers, and there is a minimum charge for the rentals plus a delivery charge.) ¬†

eighties colour themed furniture

eighties colour themed furniture


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