This week we had a wonderful experience of having Two events back to back in the same location, each night the space was used for a different mood and crowd. Day one was a Formal mens wedding in a 20m by 40m tent, the attendees were over 2500 men and for many it was the first time to experience a fully decorated wedding for men, usually in mens weddings, the only decorations would be flowers on different level stands as a backdrop for pictures as well as floral arrangements for the buffet. At this wedding, no detail was left, we created a twelve meter bridal stage with plexi glass, carved wood designs, large frames with turquoise, pale tiffany blue, matte gold and white Turkish patterns . Attached to the backdrop were glass and mirror fly shelves holding different sizes of vases with various kinds of white flowers. (hydrangeas, orchids,tulips and foliage). The Sofa in front of this backdrop was 6m long, white leather and had to fly shelves on each side the seemed to float on air, on top of each of these shelves was a collection of 30 hydrangeas.. the rest of the room followed the theme, white leather couches with coloured cushions and puffs,There were also glass tables with antique white legs and high white and gold stands with candelabras on top of them.

The Buffet area was chic and simple with turquoise gold and white table skirting and floral arrangements of blue and white in tall gold and white vases and hundreds of candles everywhere..

Day two called for the same space to be used as a family gathering and dinner for 150, we created cozy lounges,large turquoise round poufs that could seat 8-10 persons each, round dinner tables, with high arrangements, mirror place mats, candles and even the tableware was a light tiffany blue colour. The catering was from LeNotre, so you can only imagine the wonderful array of food that overwhelmed the eye and also smelled heavenly.

The lights were dim and tinted with the palest shade of blue to add warmth to the room, the flowers were pink and cream and had touches of peach, this contrasted with the setting gorgeously and really made the details all pop.

We honestly had a wonderful experience with this event because our clients were so agreeable and creative, we felt challenged the whole time and that helped us create even more drama and surprises in each corner of the room.

Hope that the pictures  even though they are only zoomed in details and cropped photos will inspire you to be a little bit more daring and imaginative with your next event. Don’t Be too safe! Dare to let us give you something different!

Have a great day everyone.




This Weeks Events ..

This Weeks Events ..

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