Where are you located?

Please check our contact page for the locations and contact info for our three businesses – Things by November, The November Bakery and The November Company for events and design.

What are your hours?

Do you offer your services abroad?

Please contact us for further information. We have worked outside of Kuwait in the past and, if we can, we will always do our best to help.

For special events, how much notice do you require?

However, depending on size and complexity of work, we recommend you contact us directly for more accurate information.

If I am abroad and would like to order a gift, bakery item or flowers for a friend in Kuwait, can you arrange this service?

Of course we can! Contact us by email or telephone for further details.

Can vendors advertise on The November Blog?

Yes, we offer select companies the chance to advertise on our blog, as long as they are related to our industry and are reputable, licensed luxury companies.