Dear friends ,
Here is the Ad for the Une Nuit De Reves Concert that we are hosting on May 18. We have 30 member orchestra and 10 Adult singers performing  for amazing legends.
We are merging the classics with the new A concert so refined ,and we are pleased to announce that one of the three tenors who opened the Oman Opera house will be
performing  with us Please contact me for tickets and pass on this message to all your friends.
Regular tickets 30 kd , vip tickets 45 kd.You wouldn’t want to miss it, food is offered during intermission .
And just to keep you going some of the songs that will be done are
1. vivo per lei  , for Andrea Boccelli and Heather Headley
2.Ti Adoro , Luciano Pavarotti
3.I who have nothing   , Jordan Sparks
4. Big Spender    , by Shirley Bassey
5. I,m feeling Good , by Michael Bubble
6.Adagio magda al roumi and lara fabian
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