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We are prepared to make your wedding an event that will satisfy any and all social settings that you could expect on your special night. You will need to make sure that all of your family and loved ones are catered to, from you brothers and sisters, your friends and out-of-town guests. We are prepared to help with all details, from canapé selection, gift packages to welcome your out-of-town guests, elaborate and entertaining focal points showcased in the wedding.

We understand that we will need to represent a sense of who you are as a couple to your loved ones, whether your are very modern or whimsical and romantic, or anything in between. There is a lot of enjoyment and fun that goes into planning a mixed wedding, including photo booths, set menu dinners, speeches, father-bride dances…there is so much to look forward to in this kind of wedding and we hope that it will give every guest a glimpse into who you are and how welcome you want them to feel.