February, 2009

      Our new loaf - an orange coconut  loaf of perfection with a sugar icing finished with a fresh squeeze of orange juice, has been a huge hit with all our testers. The creamy icing complements the crumbly texture of the loaf, and is honestly a light refreshing slice of sweetness... Try it with your morning tea or coffee.... yummm... Read More >>
Beautiful chair by ANTHROPOLOGIE. A piece selected to be placed in the White House, since its been recently redecorated for the Obamas. Great Pattern use and interesting form ... The November Company creates many furniture pieces for events, and redecorating projects.... We are continiously looking for inspiration and succesful design and will be posting them regularly ...  stay tuned... Read More >>
  As summer approaches- we strive to create the perfect desserts that are delicious, but light , perfect for our warm warm summers! These mini lemon meringue pies are light, fluffy, with the perfect crumbly... Read More >>
Our best selling  Dali Cake, a delicious milk chocolate cake covered in a luscious butter cream with chocolate flakes.... is named after none other than the notoriously fabulous Dalia Behbehani...  We were lucky enough to have her visit The November Bakery today, and snuck in an interview... read on for all the juicy details ...  Dalia Behbehani with The Dali Cake Name: Dalia Behbehani  Age: 25 Occupation: Marketing Manager at Dia Behbehani  Star Sign: Libra  Favorite... Read More >>
It is so hard to suggest a photographer for our clients, In kuwait we are limited to the number, most of the good photographers are set in their ways,, offering classic and portrait style photos. stiff and quite boring... overly posed. Please suggest a few names of male and female photographers in the gulf , that you have tried and are happy with. (videographers and photographers that are comfortable with shooting in  coloured,light, or dim venues)we want pictures like these.  These... Read More >>
First of all... Congratulations... Things are probably in overdrive! stop and breathe.. Someone you love and admire.. and hopefully who is a good friend and someone that you can rely on.. has just asked you to marry him.. (or maybe in most of your cases.. you heard that he would like to marry you from an aunt sibling or his mother..) and you have answered 'yes!' The whirlwind of the wedding planning world has now opened- questions and excitement from family and friends as well as strangers... Read More >>
we are in love with the far east.. check out all the asian details in our office interiors and decoration.  ... Read More >>