Let our gift shop located at Tilal Complex be your one stop shop for gifts for any event …. 

The perfect gifts for a baby shower, house warming, or even a birthday …

After selecting your gift, or gift basket, get it wrapped perfectly at our gift wrapping center. 

*Almost all of our products are fair trade, and made of organic materials. 


Items and Gift Baskets

Items and Gift Baskets


the gift wrapping booth

The Gift Wrapping Booth

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Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Romance filled the air at this beautifully delicate wedding. Inspired by Heavenly Roman Garden scenes, the hundreds of flowers elegantly  arranged in warm tones filled the room. Other main elements of this event were luxurious chandleries, statues, and organic flower arrangements. An extremely soft color palette filled the room with a delightfully comforting feeling…

Elegant and Blue

Elegant and Blue

Huge mirrored vases were set everywhere, holding circular flower arrangements. The mirrors reflected fragments of the event, as different shades of blue filled the room.  This elegantly blue wedding was characterized by intricate patterning, flower arrangements, and mirrors; with particular lighting setting the right mood.
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The weather is getting a little bit warmer, which is perfect for fabulous brunches, afternoon barbecues, and chill lounges. Nothing too fancy, just something simple with minimal work to get your friends together. Let us help you pull off an easy event, we can help you plan the menu,create your own “mocktails”, customize a play list or book a DJ. Our services at November are endless,  heaters, barbecues/grills, seating, coffee, cocktail, or buffet tables are available for rent.

Our popular dessert buffets are gaining even more popularity. Branded Dessert Booths offering your hearts desire from a Kuwaiti “chai ” and sweets buffet, to an eclectic mix of turkish delights, and macaroons. 

We Have plenty of new plates and cutlery, trays and service wear.

Call us for an appointment, and let us help you plan your perfect gathering.

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….. it’s been quite a week at the November offices, going from a very Romantic Roman garden wedding with thousands of roses, and over 500 hydrangeas, dozens of statues and pillars; shear materials draping, lovely crystal chandeliers shimmering, to an ultra modern Art Deco wedding. Using gold, white, and pistachio materials, baby’s breath flowers for paneling and hundreds of giant gold leaves on bronze and white mirror stands. 


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Pre-order your cakes from our Valentine’s Day Collection…….. 

E-mail us at : bakery@thenovembercompany.com   or call us at (965) 2225 3445 – (965) 9731 3310 

Visit our store at Al Tilal Complex, Jahra Road, Shuwaikh.

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The November Company aims to exude an innate sense of style in all our events no matter how diverse they may be. Our boutique sensibility – a smaller clientele, a greater awareness of detail provides speacialized attention to particular needs. As flexible as we are precise, we focus on experience and innovation, not formula and routine.

November’s work is a reflection of its own design philosophy which strives to offer a comprehensive and coherent approach to event planning and management; One which encompasses tradition and modernity within an individualized context so we create one-off experiences for the discerning individual or organization.

The November Bakery, another part of the november company, is a Bakery dedicated to creating exquisite desserts that taste just as good as they look. Choose from our many deliciously luscious desserts and savory items. Follow up on this blog to get sneak peaks of our many  flavors of truffles, cakes, puddings, cupcakes, cookies, loafs, and bars.

Also we will be displaying our latest special event creations, from wedding to bridal and baby shower cakes. 

The gift shop at our Tilal location is an eclectic collection of home accessories, candles, throws, and many great gift ideas for various occasions, as well as a gift wrapping section- helping you create that flawless gift . 


Our Store in Tilal

Our Store in Tilal

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