Situation 1: clients screaming at staff:

I was sitting in my office today and a lady walked into the showroom, since the fire we have relocated our ordering area back up to the offices,untill we reopen the Bakery, this lady was screaming at the staff because she wanted to see what she was buying, 3 times i heard my staff member explain to her the situation that we dont keep stock of all the items since the firdge is small upstairs. the lady went on and on about how she didnt care what our situation is and how can she buy, the staff showed her styro samples, showed her pictures and showed her similar cakes. at the end of the day the lady only wanted to see what we have and leave.

i am tired of this. obviously competition.. which is kinda cool because we must be doing well 🙂

Situation 2:

Please stop comparing our prices to bakeries that make their cakes from mixes, yes they do! and large corporations that have over 2 dozen locations and can afford to sell you a cake that feeds 25 persons for 10kd, We make all our cakes from the best ingredients possible, all the sugar work is also hand made, we use real creamcheese and the best chocolate and cream available to give the cakes the best flavour.. We dont pour a powder mix out of a box and add eggs and milk. so please please please… dont compare.

And i beg of you, do not compare us to home based buisnesses.. that have hardly any overheads and charge the same prices as we do.

Today a woman called my mobile directly and complained about why i am charging 14kd for the Aila cake when she can get a “similar” cake from another bakery … i explained to her that there are many layers of decadent chocolate, a cheesecake layer and a chocolate mousse layer as well as cake and frosting.. she said.. she didnt care.. chocolate cake is chocolate cake. so i apologized that she felt that way and told her that it was her choice in the end.. was she expecting a discount?!

Situation 3 :

Taking Pictures of the Showroom

please dont.. especially when our staff and myself kindly ask you not to.. much appreciated.. its not even finished..

and finally and most importantly: If you have a special occasion coming up ,like a birthday anniversary or etc.. Dont scream and shout at our salesladies if you have come too late and we cannot help you with your order, we are not taking last minute orders because we do not want to disappoint you.. not because we dont want to do it, but we truly understand our capabilities and really want all of our cakes to be perfect and not rushed,,, and please dont get my number from friends of friends and call me on weekends or after 8pm to okay an order…

If its that special of an occasion, uve had a whole year to plan.. 🙂

We Want you to be Happy, we want you to enjoy our desserts and have a wonderful occasion with November be it desserts, gifts or Flowers, but we do ask you to respect us like we respect you.

We are currently working on making the Bakery bigger and better so that you can have 100% satisfaction, please email us any comments and suggestion to bakery@thenovembercompany.com and we will definately keep in mind all that you have to say.

Have a great day everyone!

Bibi and The November Company

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