We have never been fans of relaxation and spas, untill we are  told, that we look so tired and exhausted, all of the time, 

so we searched in the market and didnt really find anything that

suited our needs, nothing too fru-fru and nothing that smells like fresh baked cookies.. why on earth would we want to smell like cake?!

so we found the perfect answer.. ABAHNA.

Abahna is dedicated to a philosophy of nature, so they ensure their products to being as natural, simple and effective as possible. 

Check out the collection that we have available at Tilal, we have ordered lovely bath sets where you can customize the scent of the bath salts and lotions to suit your mood and needs, candles and even travel sets.

The gifts sets are perfect for honeymoon gifts, overworked friends and even a little indulgence for yourself.








Soaps, Candles, and Customize your scent kit!

Soaps, Candles, and Customize your scent kit!

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