Our best selling  Dali Cake, a delicious milk chocolate cake covered in a luscious butter cream with chocolate flakes…. is named after none other than the notoriously fabulous Dalia Behbehani… 

We were lucky enough to have her visit The November Bakery today, and snuck in an interview… read on for all the juicy details … 

Dalia Behbehani with The Dali Cake

Name: Dalia Behbehani 

Age: 25

Occupation: Marketing Manager at Dia Behbehani 

Star Sign: Libra 

Favorite Bakery: Why November of course ! 

What are some of your favorites here at the Bakery? 

My all time favorite dessert is DEFINITELY the oatmeal cookie .. I also love the carrot cake truffles, the amaya, the jude, and last but not least the dali .. mmmmmm 

So, why was the Dali named after you ?

Because, the Dali is full of chocolate love, and i have a lot of love to give ! 

Is there anything else you would like to add ? 

Just that i truly love the November Company, they have style they have class, and they definitely know good food.. i’m always looking forward to new surprises from the events department and the bakery ! good job guys !

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It is so hard to suggest a photographer for our clients, In kuwait we are limited to the number, most of the good photographers are set in their ways,, offering classic and portrait style photos. stiff and quite boring… overly posed.

Please suggest a few names of male and female photographers in the gulf , that you have tried and are happy with.

(videographers and photographers that are comfortable with shooting in  coloured,light, or dim venues)we want pictures like these. 

These pictures are from brides.com, and http://tecpetajaphoto.com:80/ as well as http://www.shakinghandspro.com/



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First of all… Congratulations…

Things are probably in overdrive!

stop and breathe..

Someone you love and admire.. and hopefully who is a good friend and someone that you can rely on.. has just asked you to marry him.. (or maybe in most of your cases.. you heard that he would like to marry you from an aunt sibling or his mother..)

and you have answered ‘yes!’

The whirlwind of the wedding planning world has now opened- questions and excitement from family and friends as well as strangers you see at social gatherings… i suggest you smile and say.. “well havent decided on anything yet” or ” oh im leaving that to my mother/sister” , your childhood wedding fantasies re-visited, wedding books and  magazines taunting you from the shelves of the book shops.

You are finding yourself with a new language. A vocabulary full of words such as tulle,stamping,embossing,anemones, Chivari chairs,  rolled fondant…….words you had no idea that you knew and now they seem to run off your tongue effortlessly. 
We at November know how fast everything seems and how overwhelming it all can be at first, so we created this blog to help answer questions, give advice and inspire new ideas, on everything from dresses, cakes, giveaways, music, and not only for your wedding, but engagement dinners, bridal showers and any other occasions that come in between..

For all of our non-brides,,, this is also an informational blog about events and occasions in general.. things that inspire us, and keep us coming up with new ideas..we will feature whats new in our shop, at the bakery and what you can do for upcoming parties, dinners and gatherings..

There will be Menus of the week, music lists and our “November Suggests” lists.. 

so please keep on visiting the blog.. email us any information .. we would love to know if you recommend any salons, catering companies, dj’s, lighting companies and photographers.. 

Have a great rest of the week!




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we are in love with the far east.. check out all the asian details in our office interiors and decoration.


eastern inspirations

eastern inspirations

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Yesterday we were lucky enough to be visited by a friend with a camera, we will call him “H”, he caught us while we were doing the final testing of two new desserts, the pistachio raspberry cake(pictured in previous post) as well as our new and improved black bottom cake…

here are some of the pictures “H” took of the cakes, as well as some cookies and cupcakes. 


anyone have any ideas on what to call the black bottom cake?

block bottom cake

block bottom cake


Cookie Jars

Cookie Jars


new carrot cupcakes in mini!

new carrot cupcakes in mini!

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the bakery is getting ready for summer time. light fluffy flavors and desserts… using seasonal products …


this pistachio and raspberry cake is now available in limited quantities at the bakery. If not available please order in advance and can be provided in 24 hours notice …. 

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romantic – sweet – to die for… our red velvet is rich, moist, and just delicious …. 

try our red velvet in cake truffles, cupcakes, or just a red velvet cake! 


after admiring it’s beauty from the outside …… 


admire it’s rich flavor on the inside..

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